At Chamblee Fence Company, we appreciate the independence and do-it-yourself spirit that drives some homeowners to install their own fences. If you want to handle the installation of a new fence or gate on your own, we want to help. Chamblee Fence Company doesn’t just install fences, we also provide all the supplies and materials necessary to do the job right. Whether you plan to construct your fence from metal or wood, we are a source for the highest quality and most durable materials. In addition, because we work on so many different types of fences, we carry all the supplies required for most designs. Contact Chamblee Fence Company when you are ready to start constructing your fence and we can arrange pricing and delivery.

Great fences start with great materials. All the security and privacy that comes from owning a fence is only as good as the materials used. That’s why Chamblee Fence Company uses only the highest quality materials for our gates and fences. We carry aluminum, steel, wrought iron, vinyl, and a variety of types of wood. If you are thinking about a chain link or picket fence, our team of experts can help you prepare with the right equipment. We can even teach you how to protect your fence from the elements by applying sealant or rust preventive spray. By working with Chamblee Fence Company, you can be sure you are getting exactly what you need for your new fence and gate.

Before you start your fencing project, it is important to speak with an expert. Your fence exists to protect your privacy, your home, or your business. If there are weak points in the fence, or if it is not properly maintained, then the fence may fail to serve its purpose. A poorly functioning fence isn’t keeping anything safe. It’s also important to be sure that the gate opens smoothly and closes securely. Call our experts at Chamblee Fence Company today, and we will provide the information and materials you need for a successful fencing project.

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