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Steel gates are a practical option to protect any home, lawn, or property. The style choices are vast, ranging from a multitude of different paint colors and textures, to a variety of structure and arrangement options for the material. One big advantage to this type of gate is that it provides a tremendous amount of security to any home or building. Our professional gate and fence installation team will find the perfect steel gates to match your style and taste. When you work with Chamblee Fence, you can trust that we will be committed to enhancing your property with high-quality materials and experienced installation services.

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Add safety and privacy while enhancing your yard with stunning and strong steel gates from the team of experts at Chamblee Fence in the Atlanta area. We'll help you choose the perfect style for your home and personality. Steel gates can also enhance the aesthetics of your property, creating beauty and style throughout. Whether you are a home owner or business owner, steel gates can provide security on any property. Chamblee Fence are the leading fence contractors in the Atlanta area. If you’re in need of a new fence or steel gate, you’re in luck. Chamblee Fence offers a variety of steel gate options, custom fitted to whatever you need.

One big advantage to this type of gate is that it provides a tremendous amount of security to any home or building. Steel gates can add security to your home or business, without negatively impacting the overall appearance.

When the time comes to install your new steel fence or gate, we’ll send the most experienced craftsmen to make sure the job gets done right. Our team is fully trained and vetted, ensuring your gate is installed to the highest standards. The addition of a fence and gate are an investment, which is why our gates are built to last and stand the test of time. 

Chamblee Fence has been serving the Atlanta and Northeast Georgia areas for over 50 years. As a family owned business, we work hard to get every job done to the highest standards and on-time. You’ll find our prices to be competitive and customer service to be top notch. All our gates and fencing materials are made with strict standards and high quality materials. With over 50 years of experience, we’ve ensured our warehouse is able to make a wide range of gate types and styles, more than what the average job-site construction could create. Our customers benefit from this by having a side selection of aesthetic designs, beauty, and high quality steel fence gates.

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Whether you’re looking to add a steel gate to your home or business, we can find a solution that fits exactly your needs. To learn about more about steel gates, call Chamblee Fence today at (770) 648-2728. We invite you to stop by and visit our showroom, located in Berkeley Lake.

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