Chamblee Fence has been in business for over 50 years, and has seen the growing need for privacy and security over the years. Atlanta access control systems can add convenience and security to your property, allowing you to monitor guests who enter your property, day and night, any day of the week. Our access control systems and gates are heavy duty and built to last. Safeguarding your family within your own home is extremely important. At Chamblee Fence, we want to help ensure the protection of your family. Our access control systems will assistance in guarding your family by controlling who enters your property. With access control systems, you can monitor who is entering your home and deny access to strangers or unwanted visitors. We will help increase security by adding a control system to your elegant driveway gate and decrease the risk of theft in your home. Some of the access control systems we offer are keypads, keyless entry systems, telephone entry systems, and radio controls. If you aren’t sure which of our systems is right for you, we will gladly walk you through each of our systems and find one that suits you best. We can provide access control systems for private residences or multi-family subdivision.

Chamblee Fence has been a leading fence contractor for the Atlanta metro communities for over 50 years. We’re not your average fencing company - we’ve worked hard to refine our product offerings and craftsmanship to offer you the best, all at a competitive price. Our warehouse has been expanded to ensure we can produce a variety of fencing, gate, and access control systems, giving you a wide selection of choices. Not only do we offer a wide variety of fencing and access control systems, but everything manufactured in our warehouse must fall within our strict standards. When you turn to Chamblee Fence, you can trust you’re in good hands and everything we install will last for years to come. Everyone on our team is highly trained with our 50 years of experience, ensuring everything is built with the best quality. We vow to make each interaction you have with us a pleasant one - we realize that it’s not a normal everyday task to be selecting fencing or access control systems, so we’ll take the time to explain the process and provide clear timelines. 

Our team is ready to install your new access control system today. Call (770) 648-2728. We have one of the largest gate and fence showrooms in the Southeast, located in Berkeley Lake. We invite you to come visit and see the wide selection of access control systems, gates, and fences.

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