Different situations call for different materials. At Chamblee Fence Company, we know that your house is unique. The style, the environment, the people who live there are all part of what makes it special. The fencing around the property should reflect that uniqueness. After all, the gate will be the first thing people see about your house, you want it to make the right impression while still being secure. That’s why it’s important to consult with an expert about the best materials and designs for your property. Chamblee Fence Company carries the most popular fencing and driveway gate materials, including:

Steel Gates- Steel gates are adaptable and sturdy. These gates provide high security. However, steel is heavy and requires more robust support. Steel gates offer a strength and durability that cannot be matched by other materials.

Aluminum Gates- Aluminum gates are a popular, low-maintenance option. Aluminum has the same elegant style as wrought iron, while also offering significantly lighter weight and lower costs. Aluminum gates, unlike steel or wrought iron, will not need any sort of treatment to prevent rust.

Wrought Iron Gates- Wrought iron gates are attractive and durable. Wrought iron is more than just a classic; these gates are built to remain functional for years to come. Wrought iron is a traditional style that elevates the look of almost any house.

Wood Gates- Wood is endlessly customizable, from the style to the paint. Wood gates represent a great compromise between affordability and longevity. With proper sealant, these gates can remain strong in even the harshest conditions. Wood is a popular choice because you can paint it, stain it, or simply feature the natural grain.

As you can see, each material offers certain advantages and disadvantages. Depending on your needs, Chamblee Fence Company can help you design a secure and affordable fence for your property.

Contact one of our Atlanta residential driveway and fence gates experts to explore our vast inventory to find the most beneficial product for your home, neighborhood or business.

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