A wooden picket fence is the classic symbol of the "American Dream" that children imagine for their future homes as they grow up. We understand the classic appeal of this timeless home feature, and we can help you make it a reality for your home.

Your Custom-Built Wooden Picket Fence

We can custom build a beautiful wooden picket fence on your property with 1" x 4" pickets, various heights, styles, and spaces available. Ideal for keeping children and pets safely confined in your yard, these four and five foot high fences can also be used as perimeter fences, dividing fences and pool enclosures. We recommend three and four foot high fences to set off entranceways, close off driveways and provide front yard protection. Fabricated in our own facility, pickets and posts can range in style from simple to dog ear, French Gothic and roof top pickets to dado and French Gothic posts. We have various options, like capped posts, 6" x 6" posts, and 2" x 2" pickets.

The experienced team at Chamblee Fence will build a custom fence for your home, suited especially to your property. The options are limitless, with various sizes of pickets, different styles and numerous purposes. We make it our mission to build exactly what you are looking for. Our dedicated team will even give you a free estimate for your new wooden picket fence.

A Wooden Picket Fence for Every Yard

Your new wooden picket fence will be perfect for whatever purpose you need. These fences are ideal for keeping children and animals safe and in sight, as well as for enclosing pools and entranceways.

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