A steel fence can provide a sturdy and appealing look to any home, yard or pool. At Chamblee Fence, we offer 5/8”, 3/4" and 1” pickets that will give any home a fresh new design. Chamblee Fence Company has been serving the Northeast Georgia area for over 50 years. As a leading provider of custom made steel fences, our fences are tested to withstand the test of time and inclement weather. When you come to us for your custom made steel fence, we’ll take the time to understand exactly what you’re looking for and get your property’s full layout. As a family owned company, you can expect honesty, competitive prices, and excellent customer service every time. Not all fencing contractors are alike, which is why we have dedicated ourselves to giving you the most value for your investment. All team members of Chamblee Fence are experienced, and use the highest quality materials, ensuring your fence is built to last. When you come to us for a custom made iron fence in Atlanta, you can trust you’re in good hands and will have a beautiful fence that will stay in top condition.

All of our fence patterns and designs are upheld to high standards; after all, beautiful fence styling is a signature trademark of our company. We have a large warehouse and production facility that allows us to produce a wide range of stylish fence styles, allowing us to provide our customers top of the line choices in fence styles

Each steel fence is custom made to meet the needs of all types of properties. Our expert Chamblee Fence team manufactures every fence right from our own facility in Atlanta, Georgia. Whether your steel fence is intended to enclose your yard or simply add an elegant entry way into your home, Chamblee Fence products are built to give your home that decorative flair it deserves.


All of our steel fence designs are fashioned to require minimal maintenance and remain durable in any situation. Steel fences are some of the most durable fencing types and are built to last, making them a great investment and addition to your residence. Our fences are not only durable but can also provide security for any resident. Whether you’re working in the garden or children playing around the lawn, Chamblee Fence will provide beautiful security for a lifetime. The structure and material of our steel is made to last and will keep your household safe for many years to come. No project is too small or large for us—whether you’re looking to add a decorative steel fence around a section of your yard, such as a garden bed, or the entire property, our team can do it all. 

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