Montage ornamental fences, also known as wrought iron fences, are available in numerous styles. Our wrought iron fences are produced from 100% domestic steel and 66% recycled content.

All our montage ornamental fence designs offer a stylish look to any yard while providing additional security for your residential property. Timeless, modern, and elegant, montage ornamental fences from Chamblee Fence can transform the look of any property. The strength and durability of our wrought iron material is crafted to last over the years and withstand various weather conditions, making it a great investment to your home.

Beautiful Spaces With Minimal Distruption

A montage fence from Chamblee Fence provides beauty and elegance to each home without the expensive upkeep that may be essential for other types of fences. These fences are perfect for those who are looking to add an elegant feel to their property without the time consuming maintenance. Do you have a section of your yard that you’re looking to keep pets or unwanted animals out of? Montage fences can help section off your property, without impacting the aesthetics. Perhaps you have a newly added garden area you want to ensure doesn’t get stepped in, or want to enhance your yard’s space. Wrought iron fences can create a beautiful new space to your property with minimal disruption. Montage fences can also be perfect for fencing off pool areas, landscaped areas, or any other areas of your property.

After serving the Northeast Georgia area for over 50 years, we’ve learned that not all fencing companies are created equal. At Chamblee Fence, we stand behind our work. We have a large warehouse and manufacturing facility, which allows us to produce a variety of stylish fence styles, fit to your exact needs. All materials and fences that come from our manufacturing facility are inspected and held to a high quality, as we understand fences are an investment for many property owners, and we want to make sure you receive the best value. All our fences are built and installed by experts, ensuring they hold strong for years to come. Our unparalleled dedication to competitive prices, the best quality fence, and excellent customer service have made us an industry leader for more than 50 years. Our family business can help enhance your property by providing a timeless wrought iron fence, tailored to your exact needs.

If you’re looking to see our fence style options in person, we have a showroom in Berkeley Lake. Come on down and visit us—we would love to see you!

Montage Fence

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