At Chamblee Fence in Atlanta, we are committed to providing the residential fencing products you want for your home. Residential fencing adds style, function, and protection to your yard, and we offer a variety of residential fencing options in different styles and materials to ensure that you can find the perfect fit for your home. Some of our residential fencing products include:

  • Wood Fences - Perfect for rustic charm or simple sophistication, wooden fences can be functional and aesthetically pleasing.
  • Wood Picket Fences - All the charm of a wood fence with a little extra flare. Picket fences add a modern or classic Americana feeling to any home.
  • Wood Rail Fences - Also known as “Ranch Rail,” wood rail fencing is both an effective and economical. Chamblee Fence has various sturdy design options that have a rustic feel perfect for defining property lines.
  • Privacy Fences - The perfect mix of privacy, protection and craftsmanship. Privacy fences are built to be taller and provide more privacy from prying eyes and better protection for your home and yard.
  • Metal Fences - Metal fences come in a wide array of styles, from simplistic to elaborate, that are all durable and provide security.
  • Vinyl Fences - Perfect for anyone looking for an affordable fencing option that can be made into an almost infinite number of styles. It can even be made to look like stone or wood.
  • Chain Link Fences - Practical and secure, a chain link fence is perfect for pools and play areas, or to keep out wildlife.
  • Cedar Fences - Naturally resistant to weathering, cedar fencing is an excellent investment for your property.
  • Driveway Gates - Whether you are looking for function or fashion, residential and commercial driveway gates can be an elegant and effective way to protect your property.

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Chamblee Fence has been designing and installing residential fences throughout the Atlanta metropolitan area since 1959. We pride ourselves on having strict standards for our residential fencing, and we only use the highest-quality products on your Atlanta home. Plus, all of our employees at Chamblee Fence are honest, experienced craftsmen.

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