Pool Safety for The Family 

During the summer, families spend increasingly more time outside. From barbeques to pool parties, families see their back yards as a safe haven to relax and spend time with one another. However, what was once seen as a clear blue backyard oasis, can quickly become a parent’s worst nightmare. In the United States alone, two children die every day from unintentional drowning, making it the fifth highest cause of unintentional death in the US, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention

Half of unintentional drowning deaths happen in swimming pools.  However, most child drownings do not happen when the child is swimming, but when the child is walking or playing near the water.

While many cities have ordinances requiring homes with pools to have a three-sided property line fence to prevent neighborhood children from wandering too close to the pool, this does not help protect your own children or visiting children from venturing too close to the pool.
As much as we’d like to think we watch our children closely, accidents do happen. A four-sided fence that separates the pool from the yard can help prevent accidental drowning or near drowning incidents.  Any pool that is above ground, in-ground, or even inflatable that is over two-feet deep can benefit from the safety a four-sided fence provides.

Pool Fence Must-Haves 

An effective pool fence and area should:

  • Be less than two inches from the ground to prevent children from crawling under
  • Be at least four feet high to prevent children climbing over
  • Be no more than four inches between vertical rails
  • Have a self-closing gate that latches on the inside of the pool area, out of reach of children
  • Keep the gate locked when pool is not in use
  • Not contain play structures to tempt children, only pool equipment and patio furniture
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Chamblee Fence provides a variety of fence materials to help you find the fence that is the best fit for your family and your yard.

  • Wood – provides privacy
  • Metal – decorative and discourages climbing
  • Vinyl – durable and low maintenance
  • Chain Link – durable and long lasting

Whether you’ve had a pool for years or if it is a new installation in your backyard, consider installing a four-sided pool fence.  Chamblee Fence is here to help with all of your summertime fencing installation needs to keep you and your family safe.

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